___________    ____
    ______/   \__//   \__/____\
  _/   \_/  :           //____\\
 /|      :  :  ..      /        \
| |     ::     ::      \        /
| |     :|     ||     \ \______/
| |     ||     ||      |\  /  |
 \|     ||     ||      |   / | \
  |     ||     ||      |  / /_\ \
  | ___ || ___ ||      | /  /    \
   \_-_/  \_-_/ | ____ |/__/      \
                _\_--_/    \      /
               /____             /
              /     \           /
I figured out how to not have any more broken images: ASCII Art! Do you like it? I think it's pretty cool. We want YOU! Ha, ha.

I wish I was a white guy from California, then I could be a Serial Killer.

DIRECTIONS FOR DRUGS: First move to Washington state or California. Then get glaucoma, or some disease where you have a severe loss of appetite or severe pain. Next, convince your doctor you need drugs, particularly marijuana. Get a prescription and you're on your way!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it. I've got a little crush on catch phrases. They don't make you fat, they don't make you mad, they don't kiss like big, weird, awkward monkeys and best of all, they do show how incredibly witty you are! That's why I made a page for them that I almost never update, because another good thing about catch phrases is that they never bug you about updating them and you can just live happily like that. So take a peek, won't you? Thank you.

I also have some stories: one of what happened to my sister on the bus one day, and the other is also about my sister and her adventures. Does the fun ever start?

Oh, yes, and of course, go and see the wonderful Sounds of Nybor and her (my) friends. I can't rightly say that everything's new and updated on this page since I haven't added a new sound in over a year. Let's face it, I have the sounds from all the friends that are going to give me their sounds.

And if you like Conan O'Brien, and I know you do, then why not see my little ode to Conan? It's got a quiz and pictures, well one picture, anyway.

There's also the MSTie site, for people who have a hankering for some hamdingers.
(Hint: If you don't get it then maybe you shouldn't go to this site)

Hey, did you guys know that I'm an active member of the Burger King Kid's Club? Well, I am. And recently I got a very special 2 month calendar with several jokes that were so bad it would make even a child hang his or her head in shame. You want to see them, don't you? DON'T YOU? Well alright. Here they are.

One thing to see these drugs is my link page. Even though I hate links, I've submitted to the stereotype with this page of my friends' sites. I feel dirty.

Don't you just love stories? Well here's one by O. Henry called "A Retrieved Reformation." O. Henry was an early 20th century writer known for his short stories with "ironic" endings. I put it up here because I was running out of ideas for my page and I like to type.

My bad? I've had a couple pages up for a while and I didn't tell you 'cause I was afraid you wouldn't like them. (P. S. I was only kidding with the 'my bad' thing.)

Oh, and if you haven't seen my alternate site yet, please do. Thanks.

(Last updated 2/12/00, Can you believe it?)

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Visit the MSTie site, won't you? Thank you
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