The stuff on DRUGS!!!!! (The stories, You Need A Catch Phrase, Ode to Late Night, etc.) isn't copyrighted but they were written by me so please be sure to ask my permission before you use them in any public form. The Jokes That Make You Cry were taken from a calender sent to me by The Burger King Kid's Club and as far as I know, are open to the public. The dirty limerick was taken from the book "Buddy Babylon: An Autobiography of Buddy Cole". Late Night With Conan O'Brian is copyrighted by NBC and all rights are probably reserved. "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry, I don't know about any copyright stuff on that, but I probably put the story up on my site illegally. The information about serial killers was all from "The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers" by Harold Schechter and David Everitt (Pocket Books True Crime). Check that book out, it's really good. I do not condone drugs in any way, shape, or form. (Find someone else to sue) The sounds are credited as listed below:

problems.wav, whatever.wav, usuck.wav, drugs.wav voice of Robyn (Nybor) Deja (me)
sucky.wav voice of Holly Deja
oncrack.wav, ohyou.wav voice of Bryan Bauer
co99.wav voice of Connie Chong
rotate.wav voice of Mark King
jason.wav voice of Jason Fong
suck.wav voice of Syed Mohib Bukhari
blackmail.wav voice of "Anonymous" (but still, duh?)
randy.wav voice of Brian Leal

I did receive permission from these people before I put their voices on my site. You probably shouldn't put them up in other places unless you get specific permission from each person, but since they are open to the public, you are free to save the sounds to disk/hard drive. If you have some strange desire to put their voices up on your page/the internet email me and I will tell you how to contact that person.

On Links:
If you create any links to any of my sites I would appreciate it if you tell me first. Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance of someone linking their site to mine, I'd just like to know where I'm linked. But if you're shy and don't want to tell me that's okay too, I guess. Please don't bandwidth link my files though, okay? And if you do link to my page and you have frames, make sure you put "target=_top" on all your links so your frames won't bleed into my site.

As always, if there are any problems, (especially broken images, broken links, or spelling errors) please email me.

Sounds of Nybor