You Need a Catch Phrase

Ha! And you thought I'd never update this page! Well, you're right. Here are some of the best and most original catch phrases in the world. Really! I'm not kidding, well maybe I am, but we all need a good catch phrase, don't we? If you don't already have one then its a good thing you came here, because, um, there are some here. Anyways, some of them seem ridiculously inappropriate for any and all situations but that's just another way to say "creative" right? Enjoy!

-Absense makes the heart get pissed off.

-Part-time stocker, part-time stalker.

-Is this ever-coming death ever coming?

-Anyone who says a stranger's just a friend you haven't met, most likely wants to kill you.

-Keeping emotions bottled up is a bad thing.

-Your wit and ingeniuty always surprise and amaze me.

-Look there's a spider on your shoulder!! Just kidding!

-You, with your ways!

-How much of that is real?

-When you get right down to it, we all are sex objects aren't we?

-You're just jealous (because the voices talk to me)

-Why are you such an asshole? Why are you such a motherfucking asshole?

-I've been to every planet in the world!

-I'm not crazy, bitch. If you say that again, I'm going to rip off your nipples with safety pins, deep fry them, and eat them ever so eagerly.

-Every silver lining has a cloud

-To thine own self be careful.

-Big W for you!

-You're unique....just like everybody else.

-When in doubt, order the soup.

The Drugs Ones

-Drugs? What drugs? Oh, those drugs...

-If this was real beer, you'd be drunk by now.

-You did what, to who, for how much crack?

-It's like drugs, only not as fun.

-To dream, perchance to do drugs.

-What is this thing with you and drugs lately? It's starting to scare me.

-Let sleeping dogs do drugs.

-Just do drugs/Just did it.

-A stitch in time does drugs.

-Absense makes the heart get addicted to drugs.

-All work and no drugs make
(your name here) go crazy.

-Drugs, drugs, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. (Well, some)

-I just dropped acid. Oops!

-Your eyes are bigger than your drugs.

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