Dumb Story de Holly

Wanna hear a dumb story? Well then voici la déliverance! Holly (I spell her name wrong because I'm such a dork) has so many cute little drug stories that I've stopped listening to her and I got this story from my mother. It is cute though, so cute you actually wanna stab Holly in the heart....no wait...I think that's just me. So without further ado, here's Holly's dumb story.

Part I

One day sweet, little Holly was travelling in between classes when the fierce but not surprising urge to have a cigarette fell upon her. So, after having thusly gone the required distance from school grounds, she opened a fresh pack of Camel Wides and proceeded to smoke. As anyone who has smoked before, or I suppose, anyone who has seen anyone smoke before, would know it takes longer than the given 5 minutes between periods to leave a good sized high school campus, smoke a full cigarette and get back in time for the second bell. So, of course our heroine was going to be at least a full minute late for class. Oh, the risk was enormous, of course, but Holly was the adventurous type and was fearless of the dangers this situation could result in.

Finished for the time being with her disgusting habit (although I shouldn't be one to judge), Holly reluctantly continued to class. Now, if you are not aware of Holly's appearence at this point I must tell you. She's guised with more make-up than a whale could produce and hair color that is, for lack of a better word, unusual. With this on her side and two minutes late to class already, Holly would undoubtedly be stopped by one of the school's security guards, whose salary could probably buy, maybe 15 computers for the school if that money was put to better use. Nonetheless, he still worked there and he still stopped Holly and looked down on her as all hypocrites are wont to do.

"Where are you supposed to be, young lady?" he asked.


"And why aren't you there?"

She shrugged in response, but not a shy shrug, a shrug that said 'I don't give a rats ass'.

Thinking our Holly to be a crazy, little bitch, he asked a question he already knew the answer to. "Were you smoking?"

Not hesitant, not immediate, "Yes," she answered. As usually the 'shame on you' speach began, the one where nothing was learned except that the person telling the speach made sure that they got the idea across that they thought they were a better person than you because they didn't smoke.

Filled with impatience, our malefactress interupted our hypocrite with her trademark curtness. "You know, the longer you keep me standing here, the later I'm gonna be to class." And with that, she got immediate detention because that was all the power the security guard had and he loved to use his power.

Part II

As horrid as detention at an underfunded high school sounds, it was not that bad, although not surprising, to say the least. Our Holly's punishment was to pick up litter from a ditch within school grounds. Just to make it interesting, à mon avis, there was an additive to this punishment. To pick up the garbage, you didn't use your hands, you used a pole with a spike at the end, like prisoners have to do. Reminding you that, yes, school is prison, and don't you forget it. As it turns out, it's more like a prison than you'd think.

Of course, Holly wasn't alowed to do this venture by her lonesome. She was accompanied by an anonymous office TA, a junior at the oldest, for any security guard was much too busy "sweeping the halls" to simply watch some freshman pick up trash.

So, in lieu of 4th period, Holly and the TA went to the designated litter pick up area and Holly began to clean up. But this story doesn't end with a clean school, by far the opposite. Weary of her task after just a short time, Holly stopped her work and looked up at the TA.

"If I give you a cigarette, will you let me stop doing this?"

You can buy your way out of doing anything these days, I guess. The TA didn't hesitate and duly accepted the cigarette and Holly's way of stereotypical life. How sweet an ending to match such a sweet girl like our Holly.


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