Sounds of Nybor

Yeah, the sounds are new and updated! Doubleplus Politically Incorrect Now! Sorry if this is a bit exclusive, the first 3 are of my voice then the rest are of people you probably don't know, anyways enjoy them, if you dare! (The most vague description of the download time is in red next to each sound file, Long being 4-5 min and Short being less than a minute, of course it all depends on what kind of modem you have and mine isn't that good but...oh nevermind!)

whatever.wav (Long) Me at my preppiest

problems.wav (Short) In my opinion, you've all got problems, man.

usuck.wav (Long) Is this your opinion of my site? If so, you suck!!

sucky.wav (Short) Holly fans out there will be pleased with the new secret she has chosen to reveal to the public via her sister's website

oncrack.wav (Long) Bryan, I owe you so much for letting me put your official catch phrase on the internet. People, if you don't have it yet then take it here and pretend you had it all along.

ohyou.wav (Medium) Bryan again, with his ultra-masculine, flirty voice :)

co99.wav (Short) We know where Connie's respect lies.

rotate.wav (Long) This is Mark saying "Sit on it and rotate"

jason.wav (Short) The best voice must be heard sooner or later. Jason is saying "Hi, BlueJay"

suck.wav (Short) Syed explains why things suck, using the logic that only he fully understands.

blackmail.wav (Medium) Yes! I finally got permission from "somebody" to put his voice here. We all know who it is though and we all know why I call it blackmail.

randy.wav (Short) I love it when Brian talks oh, so normally and yet oh, so seductively.

Back to life, back to DRUGS!!!!!