Things That Bug Me

It's happened to all of us. We're browsing through some regular pages, maybe even our own friends' pages, and we find many a thing that just plain bug us. They would bug anyone, right? But what can we do about it? Tell the maker of the site? There's a problem right there: all the trouble we have to go through to make sure that that person fixes it. I know that the way many people deal with these kinds problems is to just forget about them. But me? No. I have to make a page complaining about it. So here it is.

Does this bug you? It bugs me...

-Copyrighting your site when it's so nothing.

-The links lead to the directory instead of "index".

-The pitiful spelling/grammar errors AND the makers of the site don't fix them when you tell them about them.

-A profile of the maker of the site. If we go to your site about moon exploration, we want to know about moon exploration, not the net nerd that made the stupid site.

-Guestbooks. Especially on lurking pages. That means the only ones who sign it are the creaters' friends and if you don't sign it they notice all the more.

-Background music. Unless it's specifically related to the site. A "Three's Company"-themed site with the "Three's Company" theme in the background is fine. A "Three's Company"-themed site with TuPac in the background is not fine. (And don't get me started with eternal repeat.)

-Cookies. And it's asking your name. Come on man, we don't need that. People like their internet anonimity.

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