Links To Die For, Or Not

These are my links. Calm down, calm down. They're just links, nothing more, nothing less. WARNING: Odds are that most of these links will lead no where, however I am not responsible for them and I am much too busy and arrogant to fix them.

Brian's Home Page The Ultimately Half-Assed Final Fantasy Tactics Homepage
This is Brian's new and improved site and I hate him because it actually shows up on a Yahoo! search (It's cause of the long title and he used META NAME, you see.) If you have even ever heard of Final Fantasy, then you will adore this site, like me.

Brian's Other Home Page Serial Killer: Albert Fish
If you want to hear about one of the sickest serial killers in history or if you're just a cannibal fan, this is the place to go.

Syed's Home Page Nirvana: The Greatest Band That Died
Slyed made a webpage that's about Nirvana. I taught him everything he knows and it sucks. Dammit. I'm kidding. His bio of Kurt Cobain kicks ass. Check it out if you're not a G.

Connie's Home Page Princess Connie's Crystal Kingdom
Do you want to take a vacation to a far off place, but don't have the money to do so? Well, with one click of the mouse you can come visit the sparkling Crystal Kingdom of Princess Connie, and more for FREE! ^_~

My Other Page Nybor's Alternate Page
This used to be Annika's webpage, but she gave me the space cause it has over 4 billion bytes on it. I mostly just use it to store all my pictures and other junk like that.