Bus Story

Here indeed is a story for you with a little joke at the end which may seem in bad taste, but it is a completely true story of Holly my sister, and her friend, Libby. If you don't get the joke at the end then you have been living in a cave for way to long.

One day Holly and Libby got on the bus, a normal public bus, as usual, and they were mildly surprised to see a couple making out in the back row. Holly sat in front of Libby in the approximate middle of the bus anyway and they talked as any normal friends would, and every time Holly would turn around to talk to Libby, Libby would ask, quietly, of course "Are they still making out?" and Holly would nod in response.

This went on for several minutes then finally the couple stopped making out. When Libby asked Holly this time if they were still at it, Holly in all her articulance answered, not as quietly, of course, "No, I think they're getting off." Libby's eyes widened and she said "What?!?!" Holly quickly correctly herself but not before everyone else on the bus managed to think that they were both freaks.

Also, it turned out that the couple didn't leave the bus until some time after Holly and Libby. I thought that was pretty funny.

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