Jokes That Make You Cry

Okay, get the vomit bag you stole from South West Air ready cause these are some bad ones.

What does a kitten like to put on a WHOPPER?

Why can't you reach the zoo by phone?
Because the lion is busy

Why is the winter the best time to buy thermometers?
In the summer they're higher

How do you keep a bull from charging
(Duuuuuuuuh) Take away his credit card

Is it bad luck to have a black cat follow you?
It depends if you're a man or a mouse

How man sides does a box have?
Two. Inside and outside

What's the difference between a fish and a piano?
You can't tuna fish

What continent has the most ants?

Can February March?
No, but April May

What does a bear do in the winter?

Why did the boy change his socks on the golf course?
Because he got a hole in one

Which country can you eat off of?

How do you keep a fish from smelling?
Cut off his nose

What kind of dog doesn't have a tail?
A hot dog

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Burger King Kid's Club

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