Serial Killers

My Definition of a Serial Killer:
A sadistic lust murderer who has killed two or more people and in between victims there is an eery cooling off period. There is usually some kind of sick sexual perversion involved in the killing as well.

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Other Fun Freaky Facts

-Europe is #2 in production of serial killers with a grand total of 17% worldwide. Out of Europe's total, England takes 28%, Germany takes 27%, and France a small 13%.

-16% of serial killers are black. And if you look above, it appears that Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans are extremely unlikely to be serial killers, which is odd considering Asians make up at least a fifth of the entire world population.

-Many experts believe that serial killing is an exclusively male activity.

-It is rare for a serial killer to pray on members of another race.

-26% of serial killers start out in their teens. 44% in their twenties and 24% in their thirties.

-Prostitutes are the most common serial killer victims career-wise.

-15% of serial murder victims were said to have been chosen entirely at random.

-California has the highest number of serial homicide cases in the country with 16%. While Maine has the lowest, with none.

-A serial killer's favorite trophy is the girl's panties, although they have been known to prize a few human body parts here and there.

-A serial killer is almost never found innocent by reason of insanity. The main explanation being that the courts define insanity as "Not being able to tell right from wrong" and since our favorite lust murderers tend to try to hide their crimes, that loophole rarely works.

-Serial killers tend to be intelligent, but had trouble in school and holding a job.

-Serial killers often had very unstable families or families with unstable backgrounds. Serial killers often dislike their families and were abused as children.

-Many serial killers have attempted suicide or have had psychiatric problems. (Duh)

-There is something called the Triad which is considered the three major warning signals that a child might grow up to be a serial killer. They are: bed-wetting past the age of 12, severe pyromania, and sadistic animal torture. If you see a kid like this, watch the fuck out!

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