A Few Big Serial Killers

David Berkowitz: AKA "The .44-Caliber Killer", "The Son of Sam" A pudgy- faced postal worker from Yonkers who randomly shot people just to watch them die in the late 1970's. He was caught when a witness noticed his car had been ticketed. Oops!

Ted Bundy: Your classic serial killer. Went from Seattle to Tallahassee killing, raping, and mutilating young, pretty girls throughout the mid-70's. He was convicted when the bite-marks he left on one of his victims matched that of the impressions of his teeth. Go figure.

Jeffrey Dahmer: AKA "The Milwaukee Monster" Young black gays, watch out! This one kept a whole collection of his victim's body parts all over his apartment in the early 1990's. Some of his favorite activities included injecting acid into his victim's brain to try to make them into zombies and having sex with his dead victim's viscera. He got caught when one of his potential victim's escaped. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Albert DeSalvo: AKA "The Green Man", "The Measuring Man", "The Boston Strangler" One of my personal favorites. First he just molested women, then he raped women, then he raped AND murdered women during the 1960's. His wife said he demanded sex from her up to 6 times a day. Fuck man! He got caught on one of his former molesting charges and then bragged to an inmate about his strangling hobby. Never trust a crook, I guess.

Albert Fish: AKA "The Moon Maniac", "The Gray Man" A crazy old guy that ate children and just adored sadomasochism. He got caught when he sent a letter to one of his victims and it was traced.

John Wayne Gacy: AKA "The Killer Clown" A successful Chicago businessman who really hated the fact that he was a homosexual and took it out on young males by torturing them and, yes, even killing them! 27 of them ended up in the crawlspace under his house in the late 1970's.

Edward Gein: AKA "The Plainfield Ghoul" This Wisconsin psycho dug up fat women from the local graveyard in the 1950's and made "suits" out of their skin. When the graveyard ran low he went to the living for "supplies". Gein's murder count was only two, as far as we know, but many still consider him a serial killer because of the horrid collection of human remains and trophies he kept around his house.

Jack the Ripper: We all know of this famous lust murderer. He(?) killed a string of prostitutes in London in the late 1880's. To this day, his(?) true identity is still unknown.

Henry Lee Lucas: He teamed up with the little-known Ottis Toole and went on a seven-year rampage, killing who-knows how many victims, and of course, having sex with the corpses. He also killed and raped (in that order) his 74-year-old mother.

Charles Manson: Manson never killed anybody, but his cult did. And even his cult would probably qualify more under spree killers that serial killers.

Richard Ramirez: AKA "The Night Stalker" This guy had a hobby of sneaking in married couple's houses, shooting the husband, and raping the wife. L.A. made it a huge press thing in the mid-80's and when he got caught the camera just loved his Satanic, creepy look.

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Like the serial killer stuff? For that and more, I suggest that you go out and buy the book, The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schechter and David Everitt (Pocket Books True Crime). That is where I got all the information here, and this book is practically guaranteed to shock and amaze you.