You Might Be a Serial Killer if...

Are you a potential serial killer? Take this simple test to find out. Check all that you would answer yes to. The more you check, the greater the odds that you may become (or be) a serial killer.

Are you from the U.S.?

Are you a heterosexual?

Are you reasonably intelligent, but have trouble holding down a job?

Are you white?

Are you in your 30's or younger?

Are you a male?

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?

Do you like hard-core pornography?

Were you abused as a child, either physically or emotionally?

Did regularly wet your bed after age 12?

Were you a pyromaniac as a child?

Did you enjoy torturing animals as a child?

Did you check off most of the answers above? I hope not, because that means you might be a serial killer!