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Tripod's Homepage Builder: Housekeeper:
John's Mystery Science Theater 3000 WWW Page:
AADGKA! Links:
OSiRiSlair at
The New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents:
HTML Basics:
Conk Mail:
Angelfire Mail:
Comedy Central Viewer Services:
The Ate My Balls! Mega-Page:
HTML stuff forever and ever:

 Chopperlicious: cabinboy, firework, mystery, cinnomon, fucker
 reddtyger: whatever, loverboy
 nirvanarock: zippos, dickweed
 nybor(past): cabinboy, freakup, elderly, america, canada, storage, hellhere
 others of mine: overstan, crater, babyfume
 palaceoftheprincess: cupid112
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 Make page of site stuff that sucks
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                      (il),-''  (li),'  ((!.-'
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 Title:Oh, the MSTieness! Password:password (Write 
 this down!)
 copyrighting your site when it's so nothing
 links lead to directory instead of "index"
 pitiful spelling/grammar errors AND they don't fix them when you tell them about them
 a profile of yourself
 guestbooks especially on lurking pages (who friends are)
 background sounds (unless it has specifically to do with the site) 
            especially with eternal repeat
 Java, is it purposely again the microsoft monopoly?