Journal Entry of a Serial Killer*

Yesterday I found myself in the bad part of town. Drug dealers, prostitutes, you name it. I was afraid to ask for directions but I did not seem to have much of a choice. I pulled up next to a pretty-looking teenage girl. She was so young and pretty; I knew I could trust her. She came to my car and got in. I said I only needed directions but she smiled and said she knew what I needed. She told me to go to a motel a few blocks away. Whores are so pushy. Once I looked at her more closely, I realized that she had the kind of eyes that could pop out of her head if she tried. I decided she was ugly. She was dirty, too. She was disgusting and repulsive. I immediately hated her.

We went to the motel room. I told her she should not be a whore at so young of an age. She asked if we were going to go through with this or what? I told her to leave and as she started to walk out she called me an asshole. I told her to wait and that I had changed my mind. I told her to lie on the bed and close her eyes. She did. I got on top of her and took out my knife. She was smiling. I covered her mouth and stabbed her chest. She opened her ugly eyes and I stabbed her again and again until her ugly eyes closed again. It was so messy. I told myself I would not do this again, but I knew I was full of shit.

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*Note: Now listen. The preceding story was not true. I, Robyn Deja, wrote this story. It is my original story, written by me and not copied from another source. My inspiration came from various books, stories, movies, nightmares, pop culture, etc. Inspiration does not mean plagiarism.